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ARCO Plastics is made up of several distinct, specialist packaging and material handling brands, each focusing on a specific product range.

This level of specialization guarantees that your company can benefit from outstanding expertise across the product range. No other packaging & material handling company in Pakistan provides supply chain management services at this level.

No matter how challenging, ARCO Plastics offers solutions based on precise engineering, technical excellence, industry-specific knowledge, and more than 15 years of experience, but the real achievement as a company is because of the close working ties traversing all of ARCO’s brands.

While each brand within ARCO Plastics is a leader in its domain, as a group the connected services, therefore, fit flawlessly with both large, multi-national organizations and smaller local businesses alike.

ARCO plastics magnastack Logo 480 min
Heavy Duty Pallets
Meant for extensive use under heavy payloads in extreme material handling environments addressing both transport as well as warehousing needs.
ARCO plastics litenez Logo l 480 1 min
Light Weight Pallets
Meant to support sensitive high value-added export goods.
ARCO plastics magnapak Logo l 480 min
Transit / Retail Packaging
Eco Friendly tailor-made sustainable packaging solutions with a high return on investment. Cost-effective and environment friendly
ARCO plastics EarthMate Logo l 480 1 min
Waste Management Solutions
Eco Friendly waste management solutions for both public and private sector applications.
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