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How We Help Drive Your Business Forward

Custom Corrugated Design

Get the appropriate size and shape container to fit your specifications. Our specialists will design and create a custom corrugated solution that stores and protects your goods.

Improved Efficiency

Talk to us about your custom requirements, and we will work with you to streamline your retail, agricultural, or warehousing and packaging requirements. Making sure you never miss a deadline.

Competitive Pricing

Save time and money on facility space and material. We have the means and resources you need to get to the market first.

Customer Service

Our account managers ensure you acquire the resources, advice, and competitive pricing to hit your targets every year.

Corrugated Plastic Product Manufacturer

The Ideal Reusable Replacement for Cardboard Corrugated Products.

MagnaPak® specializes in manufacturing quality custom corrugated plastic boxes, containers, packaging, and more.

From retail stores to warehouses – agriculture lands to laboratories – you will find MagnaPak® custom corrugated plastic packaging solutions are used in applications across multiple industries, including logistics, warehouse, manufacturing, agricultural and more.

We’re in the business of helping businesses store, push, pull, and transport products around using reliable, reusable plastic solutions and skilled production services. Cut costs, increase productivity, and extend distribution across the country.

Many applications require uncommon accessories, colors, and other custom features. At MagnaPak®, we will help you obtain a plastic container with the right size, shape, and features.

MagnaPak® Product Range

Choose from MagnaPak’s collection of standard totes, trays, and boxes, or let us design you a custom plastic solution that suits your budget and applicability requirements.

MagnaPak® is a trusted name for high-quality packaging solutions. MagnaPak® packaging solutions were developed to provide a robust, economical substrate for tough packaging application.

► Re-usable subsequently high ROI
► Any Size & Color
► Can be re-enforced for heavy-duty applications
► Low MOQ custom solutions
► 100% Recyclable

T1001 - Standard Tote

Versatile, lightweight, and multipurpose tote ideal for production, transportation, storage,...

T1002 - High Profile Tote

This custom corrugated tote can wield between 90 – 100...

custom-corrugated-plastic boxes-lahore-pakistan-B1001
B1001 - Straight Wall Box

This deep, straight wall corrugated plastic container is ideal for...

MagnaPak® is a trusted name for high quality corrugated prime polymer sheets for a wide range of trade marketing, advertising and printing applications. MagnaPak® sheets were developed to provide an ideal solution for those looking for a lightweight, economical substrate for tough digital and screen printing applications.

► Corona Treated
► Easy to cut, fabricate & finish
► Low MOQ custom solutions
►100% Recyclable

Display Racks - POP

A corrugated display rack is a corrugated plastic sheet point-of-purchase...

Advertising PP Corrugated Sheet

The versatile sheet can be cut, shaped and color printed...

Display Standee

A corrugated plastic sheet display stand is a modern application...

MagnaPak® is an efficient cost-effective solution for e-commerce storage and fulfillment needs. MagnaPak®, unlike conventional rigid bins, offers a wide array of customized sizes in low MOQs to meet any fulfillment requirement no matter how specific which means your business does not have to stick with standard footprints and can rather adopt space efficiency with MagnaPak®.

► Picking Crates, Bale Arm Crates, or any other customized solution available
► Any Size & Color
► Can be re-enforced for heavy-duty applications
► Low MOQ custom-tailored solutions
► 100% Recyclable

Corrugated Plastic Container (High)

MagnaPak®’s durable corrugated containers provide the best low-cost alternative for...

Corrugated Plastic Container (Medium)

Rigid corrugated containers can be customized making them an attractive...

Corrugated Plastic Container (Low)

One of the many advantages of the use of corrugated...

MagnaPak® offers customized and robust re-usable solutions for packaging and transporting sensitive, high-value automotive parts while at the same time cutting down significantly on expensive one-time-use corrugated or wooden alternatives.

► High ROI and Low Cost
► Easy to customize for relevant parts
► Easy line side access
► Can be re-enforced for added strength
►100% Recyclable

Corrugated Plastic Industrial Storage Shelves

Made of high-strength corrugated plastic with reinforced rims. Storage container...

Corrugated Plastic Industrial Storage Container (High)

From small businesses to large industries; maximize warehouse space to...

Corrugated Plastic Industrial Storage Container (Low)

MagnaPak®’s durable corrugated industrial storage containers provide the best low-cost...

MagnaPak® sheets and trays are versatile solutions when it comes to low-cost high ROI packaging and transportation of beverage cases, glass bottles. Furthermore, unlike its paperboard corrugated alternatives, MagnaPak® is not prone to moisture ensuring 100% stack integrity of beverage pallets and zero damage to the product.

► High ROI and Low Cost
► Moisture Resistant and ideal in Humid Monsoon Season
► Easily compatible with packaging automation setups
► 100% Recyclable

Plastic Stackable Bread Basket

MagnaPak® industrial-grade products are ideal for article storage and transportation....

Corrugated Plastic Divider (Separator)

Food-safe, washable, lightweight high-impact corrugated plastic divider for food and...

Corrugated Plastic Fruit & Vegetable Container

Food-safe, washable, lightweight high-impact corrugated plastic containers for food and...

Reliable Supply Chain Partner

MagnaPak® is the perfect replacement that is compatible with your current packaging equipment.

Companies depend on MagnaPak’s packaging solutions to expand their business and meet growing demands. Our standard totes, trays, boxes, sheets, and rolls are made of high-quality plastics with a varying range of thickness.

Our commitments are always the same – competitive pricing, reliable advice, and a superior customer experience. If you’re facing fast business growth, quality assurance issues, or lack of space, MagnaPak® can be the perfect operation solution.


Pakistan’s leading solution provider in returnable and reusable plastics packaging products, specializing in the design and implementation of material handling and supply chain solutions while offering a broad product mix from bins, crates, pallets, and much more.
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