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Rental & Pooling

ARCO Plastics Rental & Polling services offer a wide variety of material handling and transport packaging solutions for pallets and corrugated plastic packaging solutions. Offering flexible terms, including monthly, seasonal, and annual rentals.

This provides our clients, from agriculture to industries, the just-in-time scalability to meet their goals and service their customers while optimizing their investment.

Having access to a scalable and wide range of products delivered both where needed and when needed renting containers and pallets can reduce short-term costs, making it the ideal solution for circumstances requiring short usage or limited budgets. Renting can also decrease long-term costs linked with storing extra containers and pallets.

Pooling makes grueling demands on pallets and containers. That is why ARCO Plastics relies on the highest quality products. The largest share of our pallets is our high-end heavy-duty plastic pallets range.

Why Rent Containers and Pallets?

Renting can be the perfect solution for businesses providing many opportunities:

  • Production surges
  • Temporary storage needs
  • Inventory relocations
  • One-way logistics
  • Limited capital
  • Trial programs
plastic pallet rental and pooling lahore pakistan

ARCO Products For Rental & Pooling

MagnaStack® Products

Heavy-duty pallets meant for extensive use under heavy payloads in extreme material handling environments.

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Lite"NEZ® Products

Lightweight pallets meant to support sensitive high value-added export goods.

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EarthMate® Products

Eco-Friendly waste management solutions for both public and private sector applications.

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